School fight videos blamed on … kids’ lack of food?

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Oregonian did a follow-up to the Hazlebrook school fight video controversy.   You may remember, a Middle School student viciously ambushed and beat an unsuspecting, helpless girl student in the hallway.   It was caught on video by a person who knew it was going to happen.  Then a second video emerged of the same student again ambushing another girl student. (both videos here).

The Oregonian reports two views of the cause, “Sonnet Marie, a former district employee and current volunteer whose older children are Tigard-Tualatin graduates and whose youngest currently attends one of the district’s elementary schools, supports Rieke-Smith’s ouster. “What started off as a handful of kids that are disruptive, out of control, cussing out teachers and security guards, is now so many,” she said. “Other kids watched that handful and saw they could get away with [disruptive behavior]. And teachers cannot do their jobs. They are overwhelmed.”Others push back against blanket punishments for students who act out, suggesting better responses to those incidents can give struggling students a chance to examine what went wrong and how to make a better decision next time, as well as an opportunity to give students what they need to learn, whether that’s a sympathetic ear or food in an empty stomach.”

We previously reported on how a former staffer in the school blamed a lack of progressive diversity programs for the school violent vidoes.  To her, there would be less school violence if we only understood ourselves.

Liberal school officials continue to excuse violent behavior and continue to point to every solution except fast/fair/firm punishment.

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