Kotek submits only 1 bill? (proof listening tour was a sham)

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Taxpayers Association of Oregon found this interesting statement in Oregon Governor Tina Kotek’s press release this week:

“Governor Tina Kotek announced details of her 2024 legislative housing production proposal today. The provisions in Senate Bill 1537 (Legislative Concept 19) are based on months of broad stakeholder engagement and is the only bill she is introducing this year.”

That is right.  The lawmakers will be in a Special Legislative Session for 30+ days and the Governor only plans to introduce one single solitary bill.

This comes just a few weeks after Governor Kotek announced the end to her 36-County listening tour.

After touring 36 counties of sincere listening, Kotek apparently came away with no good ideas.

Nearly a quarter of Oregon’s counties have voted to study leaving Oregon to join Idaho and Kotek, after visiting those very counties, had nothing to offer them.

Gov. Kotek must not know that Oregon has a crime wave, an addiction crisis (#1 in nation), a wildfire crisis, an inflation crisis, a mental health crisis, a $24 billion Government pension PERS debt, and a school system that is among the nation’s shortest school years, lowest graduation rates, lowest graduation standards and highest absenteeism rate (despite having the nation’s 13th highest paid teachers).

Governor Kotek’s 36-county listening tour was a sham.

Oregonians did not even know she visited their county until she left. One rural city administrator confessed to The Oregonian “we didn’t publicize that she was going to be here.”    Kotek fans were invited, but everyday folks were left in the dark.   It was all a big public relations gimmick.   Governor Kotek came back from listening and had no ideas.

Here is what the Taxpayers Association previously said on Kotek’s listening tour:  “Kotek, launched her very special “listening” statewide tour of all 36 counties yesterday, a mere 100 hours before Christmas. Based on the media coverage and her Facebook, it looked like Kotek only meet some 37 people … Undoubtedly Kotek’s team considers the 100,000 Yamhill residents well served and listened to. … By first look, it appears that most of the groups visited receive government funds.How much “listening” and learning is actually going on here?”

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