Will GOP Senators walk-out in February Session?

BY NW Spotlight,

Here is the story.

#1. In 2021, many Senate Republicans tired of Senate law violations and for being shut out of the process temporarily walked out in protest, which broke quorum and halted business as usual in the State Capitol.

#2. In 2022, unions and others passed a ballot measure ending walk-out protests by making lawmakers who walk-out ineligible to run again for office.

#3. In 2023, the law was challenged because the text spoke about the law going into effect in the next run for office for the lawmaker, allowing room for lawmakers to run one more time before the ban.

#4. Courts sided against the Senators. A Senate GOP press release at the time read, “The Oregon Supreme Court has officially sided with Democrats on Measure 113, effectively ending the service of 10 Republican senators – one-third of the Oregon Senate….“Every legal mind I’ve heard from regardless of political leanings has affirmed that when there is only one interpretation for the plain language of the law, that is final. The language incorporated into the Oregon Constitution was clear and yet the Supreme Court ruled that voter intent, which cannot be determined by any metric, supersedes the Constitution. There is no justice in a political court,” said Senator Daniel Bonham”.

#5. By the courts and ballot measure ending re-election for the senators, some Capitol insiders say there is nothing to prevent a walk-out during the February 2024 Session because there is neither a path to protest or penalty.  Senate GOP leader, Tim Knopp said to The Oregonian “Knopp told reporters on Wednesday that he would consider a ruling in either direction a win. If the court were to rule against the Republicans, he said, “I think we still win because our (affected) members literally have no reason to show up (during the upcoming short legislative session), and so in order for them to show up, they’re going to want to see that they’re going to be able to make a difference.”

This is the rumor in the State Capitol, keep watch for more.