Homeless +17% after State gives away $1,000 monthly checks

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


New numbers from the Portland State University’s Homelessness Research and Action Collaborative reveal that the number of homeless people in the state is up 8.5% and the number of unsheltered homeless has increased 17.2% since 2022. To growing homeless numbers, liberal politicians are offering more free stuff.   Oregon is putting into effect their Direct Cash Transfer Plus program which gives unrestricted $1,000 monthly payments to homeless youth.  There is very little restrictions to qualify for this program.

Here are other ways our politicians are giving away free stuff:

– Multnomah County is moving ahead with their plan to give free crack pipes, straws and tin foils to drug users.
– Several lawmakers authored a bill to expand food stamps to cover hot meals such as pizza, hot dogs and french fries.
– Portland City Commissioners are trying to steer $3 million to the Portland Street Response program which hands out free clothing, food and cigarettes to homeless.

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