Sen. Boquist: Session re-cap, Measure 113

By Oregon State Senator Brian Boquist
Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter

— Wonder if this session wrapped up in “high spirits” because certain people in power are excited many Republican senators were ousted, and this leaves room for new people who could potentially be more easily manipulated?

— From KGW: The 2024 legislative session officially adjourned. Which bills passed?

— The Ninth Circuit Court ruled against a temporary injunction to run for Senators who denied quorum in protest of a disturbing medical secrecy bill in spring 2023, saying free speech is ‘a privilege.’ Read more here. This is concerning for all elected officials because the people electing them should decide if they are done, meaning it would make sense to let them be on the ballot again so the people can decide. Instead, government bureaucrats are making the call to not let these Senators back on the ballot. Even with the passage of Measure 113, the language was wonky enough that these Senators should be allowed on the ballot to let the people decide once and for all.

— From Newport News Times: “The Oregon Senate has unanimously passed SB 1520, a bill which allows Oregon wildfire victims to recover and rebuild their lives without the additional strain of taxation or settlements related to their wildfire losses. ‘SB 1520 is the result of a year-long bipartisan effort to give wildfire victims financial relief needed to rebuild their homes and get their lives back on track,” Sen. Brian Boquist (R-Dallas), who introduced the measure, said. “Now that many victims of recent wildfires have received their settlements from Pacific Power, they want to begin the process of rebuilding. However, they often can’t because they owe roughly 45 percent of their net settlement to the state and federal government in taxes. The tax relief provided in this bill means many of these wildfire victims will have the ability to begin rebuilding their homes, businesses, and communities.’”

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