We were right on surprise student walk-out

(Above: KGW clip on protest)
By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Last week, the Taxpayers Association of Oregon spoke about a surprise Portland student walk-out during class and it happened.

The Oregonian points out that the students demanded that Portland public schools teach that Israel is a white supremacist state, “School board members have so far refused to accede to demands from student activists, including that lessons about “the ideology of Zionism and its roots in white supremacy [and] Palestinian liberation and social justice” be taught at all grade levels. They moved a recent board meeting online after an eruption of chants from pro-Palestinian audience members.”

Also teachers and teacher unions have been pushing anti-Israel politics in the classroom, as the article further reads,

“There have been teachers called into the principal’s office for putting up flags,” … teachers were being prevented from “contextualizing the current violence.”Some Jewish parents, though, say they’ve been alarmed by public stances by the Portland Association of Teachers on the conflict, including repeated promotion of the walk-out on social media. The concerns echo those raised during the Portland teachers strike in November about the union’s posting about Palestinian advocacy events on social media.”

It is not the role of schools to push one-sided controversial politics to students.

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