Oh my, arrested teen overloaded with weapons, drugs

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Accordin gto Washington County Sheriff’s office this Aloha High School Student suspect was known for boasting on social media of his guns and drugs.

Upon arrest this is what he was discovered with

– semi-automatic “ghost” gun,
– 2 Glock 9mm magazines,
– ammunition,
– drug scales,
– suspected cocaine,
– marijuana,
– liquid Promethazime,
– knife,
– spent casings,
– cash

The police report notes, “The Washington County Sheriff’s Office arrested a student from Aloha High School for his involvement in drug distribution and illegal possession of firearms. Deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office were assisted by the Westside Interagency Narcotics Team and detectives from the investigation division.Investigators had information that the student had been posting photos on various social media platforms showing themselves with large amounts of cash, illegal narcotics, and firearms.On March 13, 2024, investigators conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in the 1200 block of SW 163rd Ave. The student was the driver of the vehicle. Upon stopping, the student fled on foot from the traffic stop. Despite the student’s attempts to escape, investigators were able to locate and apprehend them quickly.During the arrest, investigators recovered a semi-automatic “ghost” gun, two Glock 9mm magazines, ammunition, scales, suspected cocaine, marijuana, liquid Promethazime, a knife, spent casings, and cash.The student was transported to the Washington County Juvenile Services Building and has been charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, commercial drug offenses related to cocaine possession, and marijuana possession.”


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