Data: Oregon hits peak taxes (people, CEOs flee)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Fresh data from Multnomah County show that the County’s highest taxpayers (who have to pay the special Preschool-For-All tax) are rapidly shrinking from 2021 to 2022.

These high income earners as shown on the chart above are leaving.   Those making over $200,000 are Oregon’s CEOs and entrepreneurs, and they are leaving.

Consider Oregon’s famous Dutch Bros. coffee empire has moved their headquarters to Arizona (which just cut taxes) from Oregon (which just raised taxes).   Dutch Bros. just hired a slate of new executives in Arizona.  The new #1 sponsor of the Portland Timbers just moved their headquarters from Hillsboro to Texas (although the sponsorship was short lived).


From the Realtor Association data we see that conservatives dominate the top 12 population growth states and liberal high-tax states dominates the bottom 11 growth loss states.



Here is another chart showing income growth moving out of Multnomah County.


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