Big win. Speaker holds separate votes for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan funding

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Taxpayer conservatives hold very diverse views on how to support Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.  The worst way to address the impasse is to lump everything together into one massive bill as Democratic Senate President Chuck Schumer has been doing for many years.

The newly elected House Speaker, Mike Johnson has made good on a top conservative demand that such critical funding issues be held separately.   And Speaker Johnson is also answering another conservative principle by allowing more space between when the bill is introduced and when it is voted upon (a classic Schumer, Pelosi and sometimes Mconnell tactic as he recently tried to speed the failed border bill through).

We need to have a separate public debate on each funding measure.

Let each side make their case.

Let the public make their case to their local Member of Congress.

Let each bill rise or fall or be amended based on the merits.