PSU appeasing rioters cost us all $1.3M

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

PSU states that the library riot/takeover may cost over one million dollars.  Notice that PSU is not launching civil lawsuits against the rioters to recover the costs (and stop them from causing future damages to Portland) but instead putting taxpayers and insurance companies on the hook (which raises the cost of insurance for PSU and everyone else).

In the beginning of the riot, the rioters demanded that PSU reject Boeing donations. PSU gave into their demands by pledging to pause donations which may freeze a current $150,000+ donation and a traditional $20,000 annual donation.  It remains unclear.

Police have been called for several days to stop the riot.  On the day of the clearing of the library, Portland police had to effectively call-out the entire force.  Based on costs from the 2020 riots it can cost as much as $212,000 a day in additional law enforcement costs to respond to a large riot.

Here is a gallery of the rampant carnage that was done at PSU:


On the parks block adjacent to PSU rioters vandalized a Jewish immigrant donated fountain


PSU rioters also vandalized local businesses.


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