Oregonians choose VP picks (poll)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The Taxpayers Association likes to give Oregonians a chance to be heard on important matters and media events.   TAO sent out a survey (unscientific straw poll) asking people their choice for Vice President.

The % were measured on the top 10 results on how they scored among the top 10.   People offered different choices for different candidates.

Here is the top 10:

20% Ron DeSantis
19% Rick Scott
17% Kristi Noem
9% Tulsi Gabbard
8% Vivek Ramaswamy
7% Nikki Haley
6% Mike Pompeo
5% Ben Carson
4% Sarah Huckabee-Sanders
3% Ted Cruz.

If you are a Taxpayers Association of Oregon supporter you will not be left behind, but rather be given chances to speak your mind on important matters with our surveys.   Join us and join the conversation.

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