Media in denial of election defeats

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

There were some big progressive defeats at the ballot box come last May, but some in the media are making detailed excuses

The Oregonian blamed the stunning defeat of incumbent Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt on office trouble and low-voter turn-out.

The Oregonian said:

“Schmidt also hurt his chances by what appeared to be poor management of the office, including a finding by the state Labor Bureau that he likely subjected a former prosecutor to gender discrimination and retaliation. Particularly in a primary election with low voter turnout..” 

Mike Schmidt was the incumbent with a million dollar campaign, a bonus 1/4 million boost from a Soros-backed PAC and all the key union, liberal and elected official endorsements and still lost by a long-shot.  Schmidt lost because his extreme liberal policies caused the crime wave.

The article further states:

“Some national outlets have characterized Vasquez’s win as a sign that Portland voters are fed up with progressives setting public policy…But Schmidt’s loss is likely not indicative of a statewide or metrowide return to centrist politics, experts say.”

The voters indeed rebuked the poster-boy for soft-on-crime liberalism and the media should give voters full credit for that.

Bend voters also rejected a costly ($1/$1,000) school property tax bond.

The local media said;

“… there was no organized opposition to either measure, the vote results largely signify the economic pressure many Oregonians have been facing due to inflation and other factors being felt from the grocery store to the gas pump.”

There was organized opposition to the measure as the Taxpayers Association of Oregon was active against it, yet the media never bothered to look at the campaign filings or do a web search to see articles published against the measure.   The same article that says everyone is surprised by the outcome coincidentally had nearly 100 people wrote comments to that very article criticizing the tax — clearly the voter angry was visible and loud and present.

Other media outlets were more spot-on regarding the message voters were sending: