40 yr. chocolate shop closes. (Cake sizes shrink. People feel unsafe)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


One of Portland’s best treasures, Jaciva’s chocolates, is closing after nearly 40 years.

The owner said “I think it’s harder for people to get out and want to get out and feel safe.”

Also the owner said, “It’s a struggle in this economic environment,” Boscole said. “There’s a lot of changes that Portland has gone through and it’s been very difficult for small businesses. Crime and vandalism play a part in that and this wasn’t a decision that came lightly and it’s heartbreaking…Since COVID and the way that people have celebrated and the way that people have had parties has changed, the size of the average wedding cake has gone down,” Miles said. “The cost of product has skyrocketed.” 

Portland’s soft-on-crime is destroying small businesses
Biden’s inflation (caused by spending trillions in extra government hand-outs) is destroying businesses
Weddings are ordering smaller cake sizes (thank the flood of new Portland area taxes)
People are spending less (thank the flood of new Portland area taxes)
Cost of goods to make sweets and bakery items is “skyrocketing” (thank the flood of new Portland area taxes)

The neighborhood where the shop was located suffered a lot of vandalism during the Portland riots.  Some local businesses nearby saw criminals use their cars to ram the front of the shops as a way to gain entry and loot the business.  How does a small shop protect against criminals who use cars to take out your front door?

Here is an example of vandalism during Thanksgiving 2020 in the neighborhood of Jacivas chocolate.

Independent Media had these nearby pictures as well.


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