Split between Oregon’s 2 Planned Parenthood groups

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

OPB has noted the inner-conflict of Oregon’s two Planned Parenthood affiliates by reporting, “The two new leaders of Oregon’s Planned Parenthood affiliates are pushing to dissolve the political arm of their organization in a move that has blindsided some long-time advocates and has them worried about the future of reproductive rights in the state … But on Friday, Kennedy and Handler sent a letter to the two groups’ political advocacy arm. They informed the lobbying group’s governing board that they plan to dissolve Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon and restructure the organization to focus more on “health care and advocating for the needs of the Planned Parenthood affiliates and their patients…Members of the political group’s advocacy board quickly responded to the news in writing to the board members of the affiliates, saying they are concerned the new leaders are making a “rushed decision based on inaccurate information about what Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon is…” (read more)