NY Times Kristof (2/3): Top liberal donors feared for their catalytic converters

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


This is part twoof highlights of New York Times columnist, Pulitzer Prize winner, and former 2022 Oregon Democrat Governor candidate, Nick Kristoff, who wrote a scathing article on Oregon and California’s (West Coast states) failures.

“… I’d meet groups of liberal donors in Portland, as the city’s problems cast a shadow over all of us; we’d all be wondering nervously if our catalytic converters were in the process of being stolen. The undercurrent in such a liberal gathering would be the failures of Republicans — but Portland was one mess we couldn’t blame on Republicans, because there simply aren’t many Republicans in Portland. This was our liberal mess. Politics always is part theater, but out West too often we settle for being performative rather than substantive.For example, as a gesture to support trans kids, Oregon took money from the tight education budget to put tampons in boys’ restrooms in elementary schools — including boys’ restrooms in kindergartens.“The inability of progressives, particularly in the Portland metro area, to deal with the nitty-gritty of governing and to get something done is just staggering,” Representative Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat who has been representing and championing Portland for more than half a century, told me. “People are much more interested in ideology than in actual results.”

OUR COMMENT: Look at the Portland auto-theft map.  It was everywhere and over-whelming.  Yet, it was liberal (mostly Democrat) lawmakers that voted to reduce auto-theft prison time.


OUR COMMENT: Look at the stolen catalytic converter found at this one Portland area home:

Kristof further said,

“One of my school friends in my hometown, Yamhill, Ore., Stacy, struggled with alcoholism and mental illness. She became homeless and lived in a tent in a park, but it is almost impossible in such cases to move someone involuntarily into an institution. So she froze to death one winter night. I think of Stacy suffering and dying unnecessarily, and I believe that instead of protecting her, our liberalism failed her.”

OUR COMMENT: Liberals block the effectiveness of civil commitment laws and it ends up hurting the person being un-helped and often the people who may be victimized by the person who needs to be civilly committed.

NOTE: Kristof would explain in his article that the issue is West Coast liberalism as opposed to liberal practiced in other states, and say that Republican states fare must worse on average.  We encourage you to read his full article and support journalists via subscribership if you find that you like their writings and wish to hear from their more.

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NY Times Kristof (2/3): Top liberal donors feared for their catalytic converters