More details on the 3% tax ballot measure

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Initiative Petition 17 has turned in 130,000+ signatures to be verified so they could qualify for the November ballot.

Initiative Petition 17 would greatly spike the corporate minimum tax on corporations.

Initiative Petition 17  would hit corporations over $25 million in sales and it would levy their minimum tax rate at a new 3% tax.   This is on sales, and not profit, which means it would tax companies that are not making a profit.

The money from this 3% tax would go towards paying every single person $750 a year, for anyone who has lived in Oregon for more than 200 days.

This media is heralding this as a moment to vote on historic Universal Basic Income in Oregon.

Universal Basic Income was tried in very progressive nations such as Canada and Finland — and it failed — and it was repealed!

Many of the Universal basic Income experiments involve monthly checks to people.  Initiative Petition 17 is an annual amount.  This measure allows doling out actual cash to people, presumably homeless people.

Already, Governor Tina Kotek has started a pilot program that gives out free $1,000 to homeless young people on a monthly basis.  Since liberals and the media define handing out money as a measure of success (and not actual results) there is very little standing in their way to expanding the program, because the more they subsidize homeless, the more homeless there is , and therefore the more taxpayers need to pay for more free money to handle the rise of homeless people caused by subsidies.

This Universal basic Income will make things worse.


Oregon, already gives out too much free stuff to the homeless.


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