Dorchester Poll: Plastic bag ban suffers huge defeat

By NW Spotlight,

The forth issue in the Dorchester poll was whether Oregon should ban plastic bags which is based on the Oregon Senate Bill 536 (see Oregon Plastic bag ban – bag tax). This bill would outlaw plastic bags as a consumer choice and would tax 5-cent fro every time the consumer wished to use a paper bag.  92% of the 600 Dorchester attendees said no.   This stunning rejection in the 90% range is one of the most unpopular ideas polled in the few decades of Dorchester. Clearly, this is troubling news for bag ban-bag tax supporters.

Ban plastic bags?
92% — NO
8% — YES

  • John Radford

    Making a recent hotel visit, I noticed the plastic bag for laundry said it was made from recycled materials, is biodegradable, and can be composted. Isn’t this a more sane approach? A five cent new tax on renewable grocery bags is just another back door tax.

  • sick of it all

    As much as I am against the “Dork-chester” event which cost tax payer money. It has never ever produced anything we can take to the bank. This is your signature agenda item? Hows about killing the demo agenda of spending us into the poor house or cutting the head off of the snake (public unions). Come on where is the Tea Party in Oregon? Where are your *alls?

    • DonD

      Dorchester costs taxpayers nothing. It’s a privately funded event. If you have PROOF of information to the contrary, post it. Otherwise, please stop spreading lies about something you obviously have no knowledge about.

    • How can an event that is run privately cost the tax payers money.

  • Bono

    This issues never seems to go away

  • Kingston

    The issue will likely remain as long as the plastic bags do.

  • valley person

    What do you expect from the party that brought styrofoam cups back to Congress?

    • Kingston

      I do not understand. Styrofoam> Congress?

      • valley person

        As one of their first acts, the Republicans in Congress decided to “un-green” their cafeteria by bringing back the syrofoam cups and plastic utensils that the democrats has gotten rid of.

        The people know why they were elected. Trash the planet.

        • NotYourPal

          As if a few styrofoam cups and plastic forks are going to trash the planet. Get a grip and a life!

          • Reper

            The Congress cafeteria — the ultimate social experiment

        • Ozymandius

          Yes, because as any intelligent person can tell you, whenever a Republican voter votes for a Republican candidate, the primary motivation that we all have is to make small, insignificant changes to the choice of cups in the office as part of an uber-plan to destroy the Earth. Yep. That’s our primary motivation.

          • valley person

            I doubt that is your primary motivation, but it is n unfortunate result of who you elect. This plastic bag hissy fit Republicans are having is a sign that you do not care much for the environment that sustains you, or at least that you care more about the freedom to pollute than being at all restricted. The cafeteria thing reinforces that, as does going after the budget of EPA, as does global warming denial. There was a time, not all that long ago when Republicans were pretty much equal to Democrats in showing concern about our environment. I’m sorry those days are gone.

          • noibn

            VP, as perual, the cheese has slid off his cracker.

  • Force society to reduce, reuse, and recycle. End production. Bankrupt the economy and abolish all debt.

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