Lars Larson on Vote by Mail

Let’s talk about Vote by Mail in Oregon.

I know everybody in government in Oregon loves Vote by Mail, and why do they love it? Well, because it tends to produce the kinds of results that they like.

I don’t like Vote by Mail. I don’t vote in Oregon anymore, but for all the years that I did I started to dislike Vote by Mail more and more every single year. It is rife with fraud and will never even detect a fraud.

Right now you can register by mail, never show picture ID, vote in all Oregon elections and if you are a completely “phony baloney” voter, well, I tell you what, they won’t even detect it. I’m half tempted to go out and do it just to show it can be done. The problem is, to do it, I’d have to commit a felony and I don’t believe in that.

I think that Vote by Mail is a big disaster and the reason that a lot of other states haven’t followed Oregon’s lead is they know what kind of disaster it would be. Just imagine this. The kind of fraud that put Washington Governor Christine Gregoire in office never would have been detected under Vote by Mail.