Lars Larson on Vote by Mail

Let’s talk about Vote by Mail in Oregon.

I know everybody in government in Oregon loves Vote by Mail, and why do they love it? Well, because it tends to produce the kinds of results that they like.

I don’t like Vote by Mail. I don’t vote in Oregon anymore, but for all the years that I did I started to dislike Vote by Mail more and more every single year. It is rife with fraud and will never even detect a fraud.

Right now you can register by mail, never show picture ID, vote in all Oregon elections and if you are a completely “phony baloney” voter, well, I tell you what, they won’t even detect it. I’m half tempted to go out and do it just to show it can be done. The problem is, to do it, I’d have to commit a felony and I don’t believe in that.

I think that Vote by Mail is a big disaster and the reason that a lot of other states haven’t followed Oregon’s lead is they know what kind of disaster it would be. Just imagine this. The kind of fraud that put Washington Governor Christine Gregoire in office never would have been detected under Vote by Mail.

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    This makes it easier for the dreg of humanity liberals to get the alzhiemers patients to vote for who they want them to.

    Before vote by mail, they’d have to bus them to the polls and it was much to obvious what they were doing( I’d heard stories about this before but didn’t pay much attention to it and then actually witnessed it the last year before we went to vote by mail only, scary!).

    Some with the bums and tweakers downtown, a pack of smokes with get their vote I’m sure ala the Wisconsin liberals convicted of busing bums to the poll for a couple packs of cigarettes (I have no doubt similar antics take place downtown like this).

  • dartagnan

    What crybabies. If you conservaturds don’t like vote-by-mail, start an initiative campaign to eliminate it.

    Elitist conservaturds always oppose ANYTHING that encourages a higher voter turnout because they know the majority of voters don’t buy their crackpot ideology and the only way they can hope to win is to hold down the turnout so their knuckle-dragging retarded “base” — about 30% of the population — can dominate elections.

    • Anonymous

      Strange, I seem to remember reading that less than 30% of the population self identifies as Democrat, and even less than that self identify as liberal. If you really think that vote by mail doesn’t encourage fraud, you are deluding yourself. When you make it so easy to cheat, of course people cheat. On a side note, take a Valium or something. Why bother posting anything if all you can do is call names?

    • A Coservaturd

      Insulting people won’t get anybody over on your side.

      I like vote by mail because I can be lazy. I don’t have to take the time to go to the polls.

      But, there can be a real problem with it. That said, I would like to see you post a comment giving some genuine reason to support your position.

      If you don’t have a good genuine reason that will maybe show us where we’re wrong, then please keep your childish insults to yourself

    • Anonymous

      Are you the 36 year old woman from Denver?

  • Jerry

    Democrats love voter fraud. That is why they want driver’s licenses for illegals. That is why they love vote by mail, which should be renamed to vote by nail, as it puts a nail in the coffin of credibility for actual elections that are true.

    Only Dems, fools, and felons like vote by mail. Anyone with half a brain knows it is rife with corruption. How could it not be???

    And remember, this, as well. Vote by mail isn’t really fair because you have to get a stamp and many, many Oregonians must decide between eating that day and mailing in their ballot. It is simply not right. I propose a free stamp be sent to all Oregonians so they can vote without sacrifice.

    I am deeply ashamed of Oregon’s horrible record with voter fraud. Idiots and dolts – all!!!

  • Anonymous

    Remember when The Bagwhan brought all the street people into the compound and fed them in exchange for voting.

  • Rick Hickey

    Vote by Mail could be OK if when registering to vote you had to show proof of U.S. Citizenship via S.S.# or Birth cert. (libs, everyone has a S.S.# so drop the “poor” & “elderly” don’t baloney)

    I just read(WSJ) of someone registering their Cat in 3 Counties to vote and getting an absentee ballot for each. A Lady in Washington registered her Dog this year.
    In 1996 in CA. over 4,ooo Illegal Aliens voted.
    Indiana found hundreds of thousands of Bogus registrations and now Photo Id is required to vote, the Supremes will decide on that case in the spring.
    AZ. in the 1st year of requiring proof to vote went through the existing registration and tossed ONE in THREE for fraud, 2nd year ONE in SIX! 9th circuit said it was ok..

    Respect for Law Act, Ballot #112 has just been ok’d by supremes and will be ready for signers later this week!

    Respect for Law Act = No Licenses, Voting or Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens – Sign it – donate – ph#503-435-0141.


  • Rick Hickey

    Libs – Over 1,000 people were registered in NY & FL and voted in Both states, Bush won by 537 votes in FL (per Boston Globe-sept. 2004).

    OR. Sect. of State has NO ONE checking citizenship of registars, no voting Police, it is honor system, you actually think Identity theft/fraud Masters-Illegal aliens, are afraid of warning on registration, they laugh at law enfrocement just being here.

    Per NY Gov. Elliot Sptizer as of Oct. 19th, DMV clerk can process voter reg. without S.S.#, as computer block was removed.

    Maryland now will process registrations w/out citizenship box checked.

    Oregonian – Oct. 2007, DMV has now reported over 140 Fraudulent apps fpr Licenses, as of Aug. they started to call Police in such cases. Many confessed to getting bogus S.S. card in L.A. & Hillsboro and traveled from Nevada & California.

    Robleto trial Hillsboro – Over 83,000 Licenses were provided via new DME office to persons from all over Nation, persons used Voter reg. card and Motel address for proof of living here. 8 of 12 perps admitted Guilt and will be deported after time served.

    It is NOT a law in Oregon that you must be a Citizen to vote locally, that is a Federal law to vote in federal elections, M-49 & M-50 could have been voted on by Illegals, Legally, & upcoming local House & Senate races.

    Need more?

  • devietro

    I say we beat them at their own game, argue that vote by mail is unfair because it discriminates against the homeless. We all know the homeless are MORE than willing to share political opinions and liberals love the homeless so lets argue it that way.

    Photo ID should be required to register, and frankly people who don’t have PHOTO ID are already not integrated into society, they must never cash a check, drive a car, or a myriad of other legal matters.

    • DMF

      Discrimination is a dumb tactic. When we get our drivers license, we are automatically registered, if I’m correct. Anybody with a drivers licence in Oregon can vote. If I’m wrong, ok.

      It does leave an opening for fraud. Lets get off the kick of homeless and illegal aliens. What about the liberal or conservative for that matter that wants their measure or candidate in. You know they can break the law too. Actually they bother me much more than homeless or aliens. Just listen to the ones who have their minds blocked and have no interest at all in listening to the other guy’s opinions. I read their posts on the websites. Wow they are almost rabid in their opinions and have zero tolerance for another thought. Yeah they scare me in the harm they can cause.

      Definitely something needs to be done, but as long as people don’t care, it will never happan.

  • rural resident

    There are several advantages to voting by mail. First, it gives voters time to read ballot language carefully (usually it’s less deceptive than it was with M49), generally producing votes that are more carefully considered. When the turnout is high and polling places are crowded, the traditional system often pressures people to vote quickly rather than well. (Yes, I know about sample ballots; unfortunately, too many people didn’t bother to use them. They wait until the last minute. It’s a human failing.)

    The two-week voting period also makes it much more difficult for campaigns to produce negative “last minute surprises” — rumor and innuendo intended to sway voters without giving the attacked party sufficient time to respond. It would be nice to make elections even cleaner, but mail balloting seems to at least reduce the “ick factor.”

    It should always be the goal in a democracy to increase voter turnout. Unless we’re willing to move elections to weekends (unlikely), traditional polling places are often somewhat difficult for people who work late, who live in rural areas, and/or are elderly/infirmed. It would be nice if the additional people voting were all well informed, but we sort of have to assume that uninformed voters are spread throughout the political population.

    I also find it interesting that Lars, a free-market advocate, would argue against this system. Oregon’s vote-by-mail system came about because the “voting market” demanded it. “Absentee” balloting became so prevalent that it no longer made sense to maintain side-by-side systems. Do those opposed to vote by mail contend that there is great public sentiment for not only going back to polling places, but also doing away with absentee balloting. Unless this is done, we will be back to where we were a few years ago, with most of the ballots cast well before the election but with all of the attendant problems associated with having to vote in person.

    Finally, it’s also nice to receive less junk mail. By voting soon after getting the ballot, one’s name goes off the list for the avalanche of campaign solicitations and robotic-dialer phone calls. Gee, I miss it so. Yeah, right.

    Living in a rural area, I miss the chance to chat with the friendly poll workers that I rarely saw at any other time. However, I don’t want to go back. There have been no material incidences of voter fraud in Oregon. Other states are moving in our direction on this. And, to the extent that there is a partisan political divide over the issue, there is less chance that any adjustments will be made to the system — even where they’re needed.

  • RinoWatch

    The easiest way to circumvent VBM is to NEVER mail in your ballot.

    Wait until after noon on election day to place your ballot in a dropbox.

    If that is inconvienent there are several other alternatives.

    Frustrate those in government who view VBM as theirs for manipulation of elections.

  • dogman

    I remember when I first started voting as a young pup. I thought it was COOL to go to the polls andf cast my vote. Show my ID and get my voting booth. Placing my mark on a vote. Now that I have spent my time in the armed forces and realised that my vote counted then was a great honor. But my vote by mail does not give me the effect of personally going to vote. It is just something I put my mark on and of course put my own stamp to mail it.

    Getting older I wish the old times were back. The honor of going to vote, and to make it count as I, I put it in the box.
    I wish the vote by mail would go away, yes being lazy is okay. But the real satisfaction is to put our vote to count. Something our younger generation will never know how proud it makes.

    • Jerry

      Well said Dogman and thank you for your service to our country.
      VBM is nothing more than a sham scheme for Dems to get more and more illegal votes.

  • chirs

    go back to washington and worry about how they vote, you home state where your live, why don’t talk about seattle or even what goings on other states on your local show. I liked your letter you sent claiming to be from Oregon.

  • Jerry

    Well, Washington wants to go vote by mail, too, so Lars’ comments are appropriate whether he lives in Oregon or not.
    Lighten up. The guy makes sense – vote by mail doesn’t. Who cares where he lives….Oregon is still wrong for allowing massive, widespread voter fraud at every turn.
    Oregon government is the worst in the nation.

  • Gienie

    I’m not sure how I feel about Lars Larson not voting in Oregon anymore. I think its a bit hypocritical. hmmmm!!!

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