Oregon U.S. senate poll results! Who’s ahead & why.

Conger Wehby Oregon U.S. senate poll results!   Whos ahead & why.Poll: Wehby takes lead with popular vote & favorability
– Economy trumps other issues as #1 reason over social issues, quality of life.
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

A Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC poll conducted by a national pollster helps shed light on one of the most contested and anticipated U.S. Senate races in a decade. In addition to gauging where the candidates stack up the statewide poll goes a step further by looking at what issues are most important (topline, crosstabs). Here are the results:

Candidate Monica Wehby has the lead in the race with 42.9%

Rep. Jason Conger comes in second with 22.3%.

The other candidates poll at 4% for Mark Callahan, 2.7% for Tim Crawley and 2.5% for Jo Rae Perkins. Undecideds polled at 25.5%.

Monica’s advantage is her favorability which is rated at 55% favorable, Conger at 36%.

The issues that matter most to voters lean heavily on economic issues (60.1%). The next most important aggregate issues were social issues (26.5%) and quality of life (13.5%).

Jason Williams, Director of the Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC, reacted to the poll results:”As the director of an organization that focuses on protecting Oregonians from excessive taxation, spending and regulation, it is no surprise that the economy is the most important issue to voters. The slow economy has hurt Oregon voters significantly and continually. When voters don’t have jobs then suddenly the economy is their priority.  The #1 issue for 2014 voters is the economy, economy, economy. The key to winning Oregon’s U.S. Senate seat is real-life economic solutions and lower taxes. This is why so many are changing the subject.” (Obama?)

The survey was conducted between May 1-4, 2014, and included 607 likely GOP Primary Election voters in Oregon.   Media inquires on the poll can be made to the poll master Fritz Wenzel at Wenzel Strategies

— Please keep watching OregonWatchdog & OregonCatalyst for more upcoming polls
— TAO-PAC plans to mail poll results of the economic issues to candidates to help showcase the importance of running on a platform of lower taxes, more jobs & less regulations as a key to success.

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  • Viola

    25% undecided? Why are so many not paying attention? This been going on all year long.

    • Jane

      Because the truth is, most people don’t pay attention. I’m a very political person, and I’m just now getting around to studying Conger and Wehby!

      • T. Partee

        Maybe right but not contrite.

        Pollhaps, marking for Callahan better for Oregonians than the font runners.

        After all, Fox knows better than the udder nitwerks columbined. Right!

  • OregonRes19

    How does a poll a month ago have it 46-40 Merkley over Conger and 48-36 or something like that over Wehby to Wehby leading by over 20 points? I’m confused

    • Gary Callen

      This poll is for the Republican nomination. The Merkley-Conger poll is a head to head match up for a general election.

      • MrBill97702

        So if Conger has the advantage in the general election, and the primary is to determine who we want to go run in the general election, why are we so intent on sending Wehby? If both polls are to be believed, Wehby appeals to a particular type of republican, but Conger has broader appeal across the general electorate.

        • quest

          Ha! Join the Conger Line and send him to Mahonia Hall, best for Oregon and all.

  • Jane

    Simply put, Wehby isn’t prepared. She’s being propped up by people outside OR because she has a great story. But when you compare Conger and Wehby, she comes up short. It’s too late, because she’s got the momentum, but honestly I don’t think she’s up to the task. I’m voting for Conger, and I think he can be as competitive as Wehby, maybe more so.

    • Take Tea and see what’s right

      You’re bettor off redirecting the Conger line out to PAC Kitzhaber and his malady act out from Mahonia Hall.

      Merkley is hogwash warts, Wehby, cleansed by conscience, is ready able and willing to reduce the swelling/swilling incumbent Capitol swills, boils and gargoyles .

      Conger, a layer-of- lawyers inka-hoot’n governmentialism should put his foot down on the ICU practitioner nurse Wretched en institute an alternative Logan’s run toward institutional state respectably.

  • leathermouth

    I’m voting for Wehby, solely because Conger never returned my e-mail, asking some very pointed questions.

    • Mr.Wright

      So you are voting for Wehby for that singular reason? Maybe you should just do some research regarding the topics of those questions you asked. Deciding to not vote for one candidate based on that is simply a cop-out and does not make for an informed voter…

      • RINOt Conger for guv

        So are you voting for Kitzhaber ‘soul-ey’ cause he’s adept at applying CPR while ‘mystering’ his talents at Mahonia Hall, et al?

    • MrBill97702

      What were your questions and are answers not readily available via the web, newspaper, radio, tv, etc?

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  • http://www.perkinsforussenate.com Jo Rae Perkins

    Study all of us. there are 5 candidates. this poll is also skewed, when you see that over 50% of those polled are moderate to liberal. Ignore the polls and read the voters guide. if you have questions, reach out to the candidates. There have been many people who have called or emailed me to ask questions….. guess what I actually answer the phone and respond to the emails. Vote your values.

  • Mama C

    Like to know how there can be a 20 point swing in favor of Monica, when a more credible polling group showed Conger up over her and much closer to Merkley just a month ago???

    • Show ‘em awl the door

      Conger has better political connections with what’s left, butt a tad more instill a rut entrenching Oregon and US Marxing toward discomboomerative socialism wrought by some fete accompli Molotov ka-ka mee mee ditherism elitists.

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