Occupy the GOP?

by Bill Post

Last night, after some urging from great Republicans here in Marion County whom I admire, I decided I would make myself available to be a Precinct Committee Person (PCP) in the Marion County GOP.  So, I attended the Marion County Republican Central Committee meeting at the Salem Library.

I got in a little late so I had to find a seat up in the middle of the seating.  I noticed that I recognized most of the people, but my “Spidey Senses” told me something was wrong, but I let it go.

After I was introduced as a “celebrity among us”, I noticed that two ladies sitting in front of me were the only ones not laughing as well as one man off to my right.

Later I was nominated and accepted as a PCP and I spoke for a couple of minutes. I had filled out paperwork which included my own personal cell phone number, home address and email, assuming only GOP Party folks would have access to that.  I was also asked to sign in at the desk set up in back with much of the same information.

Toward the end of the meeting, the chairwoman acknowledged that “We have a special speaker from Occupy Salem” and everyone’s mouths dropped open and, lo and behold, the two ladies who didn’t smile at me got up to speak.  They babbled the usual “Occupy” statements and I didn’t give much attention to it, and most of the crowd left.  I did perk up a bit when one of them mentioned that “It was nice to meet Bill Post, who had operated the Occupy Scio event and how much that helped OUR movement here in Salem”.  That got me a bit interested, but otherwise my main concern was “How’d these people get in here?”

After speaking and the meeting pretty much breaking up, this lady hugged me and thanked me for Occupy Scio, and I just laughed and walked off.  I asked the woman who was with her who that was and I was told it was Michele Darr (see my previous story on her on Oregon Catalyst)! Michele Darr is the very person who LEADS the Occupy Salem movement and not only was she there, but there were at least 4 others as well, and Peter Bergel of Oregon PeaceWorks (turns out HE was the guy sitting off to my right that I thought looked familiar). I later learned that the Occupy folks had been videotaping and taking pictures during the meeting.

Bill Post talking to Michelle Darr at Marion County GOP meeting - Nov 2011

I have had many threats to my family and myself over the years of doing talk radio. Most are just freaks, but one time it was serious and required legal action, so you can see how I am VERY concerned about my privacy and my family is VERY concerned about my information getting out so easily!

How did this happen? Is this the new way for Occupy to work?

I hesitated writing this as I am a proud Republican but I cannot have this happen to me nor do I want to see this happen to a local party meeting.

I would love to know if this is happening at other meetings.


Correction: The article originally incorrectly identified a young man as being with the Occupy members; he is not – he is a Republican who the Occupy members came and sat in front of.

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  • Psychobobicus

    Why on earth did the committee chairwoman not tell you there were people from outside the organization in attendance? I would have a “word” with her.

  • Valsetz

    Bill I use to be a precinct president many years ago and left when Marilynn Shannon was promoted above others based on rhe same sentiment you are expressing now of needing younger more vibrant leadership. 

    You can follow my battles with the liberals on Politico as Right-minded Frank.  I can do more good there than as a member of the Republican party in Marion County Oregon anymore.

  • anonymous


    Thank you for warning us.  I too am a PCP and I never suspected that people who were not Republicans attended those meetings — much less videotaped them.   

    If the chair of the meeting had announced this to begin with, it would have far better.  It would probably have been a better meeting as well.  Intentionally or unintentionally your chair set all of you up. 

  • Bob Clark

    I thought maybe Occupy GOP was a new movement within the GOP to counter a Romney presidential bid.  You know Cain, and now, Gingrich supporters.  But no, it’s the American version of Greece public union types (Occupods) trying to keep getting there’s from everybody else, when the everybody else is tapped out.

    I can’t believe I am down to Gingrich, who I am usually leary of in his constant pitch for money for his various save-our-conservative-soul drives.  It’s getting so bad, even, Jeb Bush’s name is girgling upwards.  The last thing we need is another B like the last two B’s in the Whitehouse.  It looks like it comes down to another: What’ll it be?  Evil #1 or Evil #2.

    Griping is kind of fun.  But take me serious anyways.

  • valley person

    I thought Republicans were macho and brave. Now they are afraid of 2 little old ladies and a peacenik?  John Wayne would be ashamed of you.

    • Dickw

      If the flea bag liberals in the occupy, peace, etc. movements would come up and face a conservative straight on that would be fine and John Wayne stuff would be good. The problem is anonymous people under cover of darkness throw stuff through windows, vandalize cars and worse. That is the standard way of leftists. So your challenge is meaningless. 

      • valley person

        The article says there were 2 ladies and a peacenik at the meeting. Mr Post managed to conflate this into a potential threat, and a number of you appear to go along with him. Yes, someone somewhere might do something someday. If you want to live your life in fear of that, be my guest. 

        I’m in downtown Portland right now. I’ve been watching the flea bag liberals confront conservatives (banks,) trains, buses, cars, and police all day out my window. They appear to have more guts than your lot. (And more guts than sense maybe, but that is another question).

        • 3H

          Everyone on the left is violent.  We’re all just ticking time-bombs waiting to go off. We’re very scary people VP.  

          • valley person

            I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten too old to be scary. And I’m not armed. 

          • 3H

            I have a Leatherman micra.  Although I’m more likely to cut myself.

          • returntosendersofleftwingscat

            Lo mon, dull wedges manifest primately from what’s left of the United States of America.  Rx, pull them by their middle fingers and twirl ’em about until their aggression toward US is released aBarack somewhere south of where their d’oh bawls aboriginalated.    

    • Anonymous

      Being smart is better than being “brave”.  You have to remember that radical leftists have a relativistic code of ethics, where eventually the ends justify the means.  They know that we as conservatives are constrained by our ethics and use that against us just like terrorists who surround themselves with innocents.  

      • valley person

        We on the left have advocated intelligence over macho bravery for many years, so welcome to the club.

        As for personal ethics, they are no different right, left or center. People are people, and some who share your politics are willing to shoot people they don’t like, some who share my politics are willing to break windows. As a group, neither is more or less self constrained.

        • Anonymous

          You can choose to live in a parallel universe of your own imagination if you like.  I’d rather make my decisions and judgments based on reality. 

          • valley person

            Right. We all think we are making decisions and judgments based on reality don’t we? Which only means some of us must be wrong about our interpretation of reality. And its always, of course, the other guy or gal who is wrong.   

      • 3H

        What’s sad, is that I think you actually believe this.  What about radical Rightists?  I don’t know, like Timothy McVeigh… or the ones that bombed clinics that performed abortions?   Lets think back over the past 20 to 30 years.  How many people have radical leftists in this country killed… and how man people have radical Rightists killed?

      • Really?

        THIS comes from a group that raffled off an Assault Rifle as a fund raiser for it’s political party? All I had in my pocket was Cotton Candy perfume. Scared?

        (Found online as it was discussed at the meeting that night: https://www.politifact.com/oregon/statements/2011/jan/29/suzanne-devlin/did-oregon-republican-party-members-raffle-ar-15-a/)

      • please sir do you not rember the turndages? how about the ricin attack that was just stoped in atlanta, the conservitive that tried to get a news story by insiteing violence during a peacefull occupy protest at the smithsonian? There are bad people on both sides.

  • 3H

    If you don’t want the general public in your meetings, then meeting at the public library is probably not your best option.   If Salem Public is like other libraries, their policies require meetings you hold there to be open to the public.

    I’m sort of surprised that you dont’ have it at a private venue — maybe help out some budding entrepreneur.  Meeting at a private venue also means you get to decide who can be there and who can’t. 

  • Greg Halvorson

    Republican officials should eject anyone who doesn’t stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.  That the chair-person ALLOWED them a forum is insane–the woman should be REPLACED!!

    • 3H

      Yeah, but in order to do that, they’d have had to hold the meeting somewhere else.    Believe it or not, not standing for the Pledge would be considered protected speech (in my opinion).

  • Thinking

    “After I was introduced as a “celebrity among us”, I noticed that two
    ladies sitting in front of me were the only ones not laughing as well as
    one man off to my right.”

    Uh, Bill, maybe they didn’t know you are such a “celebrity” (in your own mind).

    • The Bill Post Radio Show

      Dude, there’s a reason why “celebrity” was in quotation marks.  I didn’t say it, the chairperson said it.  I was embarrassed by it and I definitely do not think I am a “celebrity”, so if you are going to level criticism try to use something more intellectual. 

  • Ronglynn

    I have been a PCP for 21 years in 2 counties, Multnomah and Josephine. Having people show up at Central Committee meetings who are not Republicans is nothing new. Having them as speakers is sort of bizarre. However, our Central Committee meetings are public and you can not hide anything.Nothing stops a person from registering Republican for the purpose of inflitrating.  I am rock hard conservative and I am not afraid of my political adversaries when they show up. They are after all, my fellow Americans. As far as personal and family safety, you will find people who want to cause you personal trouble no matter what you do or where you go. These people are called criminals and come in different stripes and even from your own family.

    Ron Glynn
    Retired Parole and Probation Officer
    Wolf Creek, Oregon

  • Anonymous

    It’s looking like the occupiers are occupying the comments page.

  • Bill – I’m not really sure what you are complaining about.  That you were exposed to people with different ideas than yours?  I don’t see anything in your post that suggests that these folks threatened you or misused your personal information.  My impression is that county political party meetings tend to be open to the public. 

    • 3H

      Yes.. but not EVERYONE in the public.  Just the ones that laugh.

    • The Bill Post Radio Show

      Sal: the main point to my article was not about ME.  It was about how ALL county chapters of the GOP should be on the lookout for this type of activity.  ALL chairpersons should be aware of what is going on.  No one threatened and no one as of right now misused my information.  If I didn’t make that clear in my write up, my apologies, I’m a talker not a writer.  The listeners got it.  So did the MRCCC.  thanks

      • 3H

        What type of activity Bill?  People sitting in on public meetings?  

      • Samhill

        Have you read your post Post? Its ALL about you.

  • Micheledarr

    Hi, again, Bill:) It was truly nice meeting you in person and I still
    hold you in high esteem for your Occupy Scio organizing. Im troubled about your assertions that you and I had negative interactions because that certainly wasn’t my feeling about what happened or how we communicated. First, let’s have a fact check. I sought out information about meetings of not just the Republican Party but the Tea Party, 9-12 group, Democratic Party, Green Party, Working Families Party and any and all others from across the great divide. Yep that’s right. Google, Bill. The online calendar was helpful in garnering the information needed to attend not just the general meeting but 2 breakfasts, 1 of which I attended in order to hear the Americans For Prosperity director deliver an excellent speech. After that breakfast, I introduced myself to both ladies and was invited to the Republican Party meeting by your very own Madame Chairperson as any GOOD LEADER WOULD DO FOR TRANSPARENCY. Transparency means making oneself and organization accountable and therein lies strength. Nothing shadier than a simple search even an avowed Luddite such as myself couldn’t navigate. You state yourself to be a “Proud Republican” and one whom has stepped down from his pedestal of “celebrity amongst us” to assert himself willing to lead us as a PCP. I, myself am a PROUD AMERICAN and care not about labels that at their best serve only to divide and conquer WE THE PEOPLE.  Before WE ALL
    “go the way of the dodo bird” it’s clear to at least me and many others
    from across the political spectrum that WE THE PEOPLE need to move
    beyond beyond our dangerously naive adherance to party rhetoric and
    acknowlege that we ALL share FAR more common ground than we are being
    led to believe by leaders of BOTH parties whose shrill insistance on
    divide and conquer has resulted in the near bankruptcy of this GREAT
    NATION. I was born in
    Clinton, Missouri, the SHOW ME STATE, Bill. Please
    SHOW ME and your fans how issues of foreclosure, constitutional violations, multi-billion dollar bailouts, exporting of our jobs and resources overseas, the death of local commerce, trade deficit,etc….dont affect us ALL? You’re from Scio Bill. How about bailing out Main Street NOT Wall St.? How about the American Farmer? How about investing in the American Dream? I would like YOU to SHOW ME your contribution to the solution here, Bill.  And Remember everyone!
    Sincerely, with Respect,
    Michele Darr

  • Micheledarr

    P.S. More on Fact Checks: I also attend meetings of the Marion County Democrats, Working Families Party, etc…I never have nor ever will carry any recording device save a pen and paper and my stated and sworn goal is to UNITY. I met many people that night I spoke to the Republican Party. Good, hard-working, concerned CITIZENS of this GREAT COUNTRY banding together hoping the leaders can lead the way to a brighter day. Sadly, our leaders have more vested in maintaining the status quo than actually representing the people whose rights and liberty they are sworn to uphold. When the leaders cease to represent the will of the people, it is our right and responsibility to TAKE BACK THE LEADERSHIP. My HOPE and PRAYER is for UNITY OF PURPOSE and towards this end, I lay down my life. I began a water-only fast 4 days ago and intend to continue fasting as a means to address the issue of our toxic communication deficit while continuing to attend EVERY MEETING I become aware of in order to reach the people whom matter: THE PEOPLE. -With Respect, Michele Darr

  • HeyLittleSister

    Bill Post, I wish your listeners could have been there to see you make a total ass out of yourself. You walked into the room like you thought a you owned the place. When you addressed the party you acted as if you were a dog and pony show, not someone truly interested in being there? Why were you there? Ratings slipping? I thought everything about you was ridiculous. celebrity? Let me tell you something son, when your little land radio station boasts over a half a million listeners and archive downloads a month, and when you are broadcasting world-wide, talk to me about celebrity. Would you like me to post YOUR Arbitron ratings? Yea, I didn’t think so. You are a small town, AM radio, mic jockey (and a pretty piss poor one at that), with a big ego and few brains. On top of that… you blatantly lie, which is the only reason you are getting this message. What does it serve? Does it make you feel like a big man? Important? Do you know the average person has to tell seven lies to cover up one? I would love to see your root system. You are not even intelligent enough to get both sides of a story before you start spewing nonsense. But no, this whole post is full of lies, and for the same shameful reason main stream media lies, for sensationalism and shit disturbing. When Michelle Darr spoke, why did you forget to mention that 90% of the room was in agreement with her? Were you told by another member that Miss Darr was asked to be there that night? Oh wait, yes you were, as I was standing there when you were given that information as well. Did you forget that too?  You are right I did not smile, but I did want to laugh.  Do not presume to think you know who I am or why I was there. Oh but wait, I did tell you why I was there, I am with the media, another fact you left out. I was very excited to come to address the Republican Party, which I would have done had they not ran out of time. Did you bother asking me my political affiliation? No, you were too busy talking just to hear your own voice, trying to impress the masses and beating on your own 5000 watt chest. Give me a break! I took ONE photograph for my blog before I left, (which I made sure you were not in), no one filmed, recorded or taped a thing. RE: “I hesitated writing this as I am a proud Republican but I cannot have this happen to me nor do I want to see this happen to a local party meeting.” Happen to YOU(?), you are giving yourself a little too much credit if you think this had anything to do with you. Your only hesitation in writing this blog should have been your conscience. Get your facts straight, she was invited. I interviewed Miss Darr later that night, she was well informed and educated on her opinions, which is the best anyone can ask for. The meeting was wonderful and was reflected as such, you on the other hand, made the Republican party look bad. Thankfully, I was honest enough in my reporting, that I kept to the facts about the meeting, and left you out of it all together.

    • HeyLittleSister

      RE: Toward the end of the meeting, the chairwoman acknowledged that “We have a special speaker from Occupy Salem”

      She was invited, hmmm… sounds threatening to me.

      • The Bill Post Radio Show

        LOL!  This from a “newsperson” who doesn’t give their real name?  And someone reading this is supposed to take it seriously?
        Anonymity is so convenient isn’t it?

        • HeyLittleSister

          Anonymity is awesome indeed. I said what I needed to say, I don’t need nor want you to know me. And unlike you, I do not need everyone to “look at me,”  I do not need to exploit you on my professional venue, my ratings are fine. So funny, two girls made you wine like a baby. This was a personal statement to you, on your ignorant attack on my being at a public meeting, which by the way, I did not speak at, (though you said I did) so how could you possibly know why I was there? Instead, you just start speaking about something you knew nothing about, and fabricated your own brand of truth just to hear yourself talk.  I do not need to sensationalize it on my shows. You betcha…anonymity is awesome. See you in New York!

        • 3H

          If it was good enough for Hamilton, Jay and Madison, I don’t see why we shouldn’t comment anonymously.

  • hey bill they were there to find common ground with the gop. your factless paranoid rant does not help . please help pass the state bank bill it will help us all. Do the research I did it is an emergency bill and needs the support of all patriots who want oregon to be all it can be. We need to come together and do the right thing and not fall into the trap of bipartisenship

    • The Bill Post Radio Show

      1 – Proper spelling, though not required to post here, is a great thing.
      2 – Bipartisanship is exactly what you promote on your personal page so I think you mean “partisanship”
      3 – I am not fact-less
      4 – Tara (the alleged news person who will be in New York evidently soon) is NOT a newsperson.

      No, they were there to infiltrate and to destroy and fortunately, NO ONE was left in the room to listen to Michele.

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