Lars Larson: Obama’s not doing all he can to fight fires

by Lars Larson

I’m going to tell you about that firefighting airplane again, because it’s a scandal.

I told you weeks ago about this firefighting airplane, the only one like it in the world, developed by a private company in America with $50 million of its own money. Certified by every federal agency, and the Forest Service won’t use them.

And the country’s on fire. You’ve got 9 or 10 western states that are burning up. You’ve got people dead in Colorado. You’ve got hundreds of homes burned to the ground. You’ve got billions of dollars worth of public timber that’s also burned.

And now we find out new details about it. The company now discloses the Forest Service new requirements: they won’t hire any firefighting air tanker that holds more than 5,000 gallons. And this one holds 25,000 gallons!

Now why would the Forest Service deliberately say “We won’t hire the biggest asset we could hire”?

And the President visits Colorado and says “We’re doing all we can”?

His lips are moving – you know he’s lying.