Lars Larson: Nuts are the problem, not guns

by Lars Larson

And now the calls will come for more gun laws in America. Well, we don’t need ’em.

That’s right, the murders in Aurora, Colorado, will spur all kinds of calls for more gun control. In fact, they started coming in before 24 hours had passed – after those 12 people were murdered in Colorado, almost 70 people wounded in that shooting, by a nut. Nuts are the problem, not guns.

But already, Mayor Bloomberg of New York is calling for more gun control. The mayor of Los Angeles says “We’ll solve the problem by putting a limitation on the number of high-capacity magazines that you can buy.”

Fact is, I’ve got a couple of those rifles just like the one that the man used, and they have high-capacity magazines. But there’s a difference: I’m a law abiding citizen, just like the tens of millions of other law abiding citizens in America, and we’re not going to let the government take away our gun rights.