Lars Larson on need for high-capacity magazines


by NW Spotlight

Lars Larson appeared Monday with Megyn Kelly on Fox News’ America Live and spoke on why high-capacity magazines are needed when people are defending themselves in their homes. Lars used the example of the young mother in Georgia who defended herself and her 9-year-old twins last Friday from an ex-con home invader, using her .38 revolver.

The young mom shot the home invader six times – hitting him five times – when he opened the attic crawlspace where the mom was hiding with her two children. Unaware the mom had emptied the revolver, the home invader obeyed her command to stay down or she’d shoot again, allowing the mom and her children to run to safety at a neighbor’s house. The home invader was still able to get up and drive off. He didn’t get very far – sheriffs’ deputies found the home invader bleeding profusely in a neighbor’s driveway.

Lars pointed out that the mom was very courageous – and fortunate. If the intruder had chosen to attack her rather than stay down, or if there had been more than one intruder, the mom and her children would have been defenseless, as her .38 revolver was empty after firing six shots. Lars explained “That’s one reason that most people, including most police officers and most people who care about protecting their homes, want a gun that is capable of holding more than [six bullets] and is capable of reloading very quickly.”

Lars told Megyn Kelly that at local police citizens’ academies “officers will tell you, you can put a lot of bullets in a bad guy, and he will keep coming at you. That’s why they teach officers – shoot till the threat is gone.”

The Atlanta newspaper reports that the ex-con forced his way in the front door with a crowbar, and had previously cased another home, but left after being confronted by the homeowner.

A smaller local Georgia newspaper is reporting that the intruder is in the hospital, “reportedly on a ventilator,” and that “officials from Walton County Sheriff’s Office don’t expect any charges to be filed against the mother.” On the way to the hospital, the home invader told a deputy sheriff the reason he broke into the home was because “I was there to steal.”

UPDATE: The original January 2013 MSNBC story that said that the home invader, Paul Slater, was an ex-con – has been taken down (it now produces an Error 404 message). The link in this article has been updated – it now points to an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from Feb. 11, 2013 that states that the home invader, Paul Ali Slater, “was released from jail there in late August after serving six months for simple battery and three counts of probation violation. Slater has six other arrests in Gwinnett [County] dating back to 2008, according to public records.”

A May 4, 2013 Washington Post article says this about the home invader “Slater had been charged with theft one other time. He also had been charged on two occasions with assaulting his wife.” The Washington Post article also says “[Sheriff Joe] Chapman says Slater sought out [the mom] and her children, bypassing a purse on a counter and a big-screen TV to reach the crawl space, breaking through two locked doors in his path.”