Lars Larson: Holder’s playing race card a good sign


by Lars Larson

The Attorney General certainly didn’t appreciate it – being challenged by Louie Gohmert, member of Congress. He went as far as to say that it was racism that led the Congressman to ask those tough questions.

It’s actually kind of a good thing when you hear Eric Holder, Attorney General, accuse somebody like Louie Gohmert of racism. Do you know what it says when a Democrat or anybody else stoops to playing the race card? It says that they’ve run out of sensible arguments, they’ve run out of facts that support their point of view, and all they can do is reach in and say it has to be my skin color.

If Eric Holder is reduced to saying “It has to be my skin color,” it couldn’t be the fact that Eric Holder as Attorney General has chosen to NOT prosecute people involved in Fast and Furious, NOT go after the folks at the IRS. That Eric Holder would choose to weigh in on something like Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, but do you think he’s saying “Maybe we should go find some people to prosecute for the crime of Benghazi?”

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  • Jack Lord God

    Eric “Body Bags” Holder is truly a fellow that is hard to like. I mean what is there to say about an attorney general who openly says he will enforce what laws he likes and disragrd those he does not?

    The man sees himself as a potentate, he is above the office he holds. When someone puts themselves above the office they hold they are naturally going to become very annoyed at anyone who should dare to question them.

    And thus it was when Holder issued his “don’t go there buddy” line to Gohmert. Now let’s be clear, Gohmert is a former judge who was questioning Holder in a high pressure situation. It is understandable anyone in Holders position would feel tense.

    However to reveal ones pettiness in the way Holder did was telling. At the end of the exchange Holder says “good luck with your asparagus” a reference to an event over a year prior when Gohmert had tried to lighten up another questioning session by using the phrase “don’t cast aspersions on my asparagus” .

    In his “good luck with your asparagus” comment Holder revealed he had been holding on to his annoyance for a solid year. That’s super petty and frankly reveals a total lack of humor in Holder, an already singularly humorless fellow.

    To attempt to play the tough guy routine with the “don’t go there buddy” one day, and then go do the poor poor pitiful its all my skin colour routine the next is so weak it is ridiculous. I think Holder knows he will go down the same way as his previous boss, Janet Reno. An attorney general most will remember as poor, with little notable about them except the failures under their leadership.

    Like Reno, Holder took the non traditional route of trying to fix what he screwed up in the first term, by staying on a second term, something most attorney generals do not do. Like Reno he thinks more of him is the cure to a disease caused by too much of him.

    It’s not working. Holder knows it. He knows that no matter how much he obfuscates, the main things that will attend memory of his term will be the contempt charge, the gun running and the inexcusable pick and choose attitude when it comes to applying the law. The whinyness of a man who has lived nothing but a life of privilege, who serves under the first African American president who also lived nothing but a life of privilege, is readily apparent in his skin colour speech. It really is a little much and for Holder to be so completely oblivious of that as to not see how ridiculous he looks complaining about how he and Obama have had it so hard due to their skin colour is again testament to a humorless man obsessed race.

    Would that Mr. Holder had ability to note the obvious. That those in law and law enforcement who are remembered as truly great are those who were notable for their absolute nuetrality in applying the law, not in their cleverness in twisting it to suit a political end. There is a reason why John Adams defense in the Boston Massacre is remembered as greatness to this day and a reason why history has not looked kindly on his former boss Janet Reno. Mr. Holder has not learned those lessons and that is why he is left with little to do but flail around about how hard he has it because of his skin colour as he hops off the Gulfstream. I am quite sure he does not see the humor in any of this, I can assure him, the public apprehends it with crystalline clarity.

  • Ubetcha Sweep Bippy

    Is Obama’s AG an adder Hans Frankenstein?

    • U S B

      Mark that aSS ‘HANS FRANK’ on a griddle holder.

  • .

    AG Holder belongs in a holding tank pending deporting of undesirable ‘insurgenitalia.’

    Why he remains free, along with his master-bateur POTUS, defiles reason.

    Out, out with the Dem’d tumors before the metastasize further!

    • voila

      Release Holder to magistrate in Benghazi and see what harpoons.

  • Michael Hagmeier

    Lars played the race card when he sent out an email with “humorous” “Oregon slogans” that included “Oregon: Police Chiefs wanted…Caucasians need not apply.”

    Did Lars criticize Ted Nugent’s playing of the race card when he calld President Obama a “sub-human mongrel”?

    Lars is a hypocrite.

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