Lars Larson: Fed’s require racial profiling in schools

Why in the world would you want schools to start categorizing students and teachers by their racial background?

A school in my neck of the woods, in Eugene, Oregon is complaining. It’s funny, usually schools are pretty good about accepting federal policies pushed down by the Obama administration, but in this case they don’t like it.

The Obama administration has asked that every single school categorize all of its students and stafff by racial background. The problem is that some of those students and their parents don’t like the idea of doing that and they’ve always refused. That’s true across the country. So, the Administration says if they won’t tell you, then do it by direct observation.

You mean we are going to have bureaucrats out there working for the local school districts trying to categorize students on their racial background based on how they look? I’ve got friends who are Native American who don’t look Native American. There are other friends I’m sure you could think of who that don’t look like their racial background.

Why is this the job of the federal government anyway?

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