Taxpayer Endorsement: Alley, Richardson, Carpenter

allenalleygovernordennisrichardsonsecretarysamcarpenterussenateTaxpayers Endorse Allen Alley, Dennis Richardson and Sam Carpenter
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC is endorsing these statewide candidates:

Oregon Governor: Allen Alley
Oregon Secretary of State: Dennis Richardson
United States Senate: Sam Carpenter

This election year saw a great selection of many strong candidates and the Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC selected the best of the best.   Those strongest and most honored of the list are; Allen Alley for Governor to replace the disappointing and dysfunctional current Governor Kate Brown, former State Representative Dennis Richardson (who won our Thomas Jefferson award for most outstanding Oregonian in 2012) for Secretary of State which is an open seat this year, and Sam Carpenter who is running for United States Senator to replace Ron Wyden — who has been in a political office longer than many Oregonians have been alive.

– You can reach Allen Alley for Governor at

– You can reach Dennis Richardson’s Secretary of State campaign website at

– You can reach Sam Carpenter’s U.S. Senate campaign website at

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon Political Action Committee encourages all Oregonians to support these candidates with your vote, sign locations, donations, social media and word-of-mouth among your friends, family and co-workers.  This will likely be a close election and every vote matters.