Lars Larson: The Aumsville tornado

A tornado hits. A man looses most of his business but he comes out of it okay and he says thanks to God.

About sixty miles from where I broadcast every single day a tornado touched down. It could have been the worst news in the world. It could have hurt a lot of people, but it didn’t.

That tornado touched down and it blew everything around. In fact, it damaged about fifty buildings. One man in particular, the one who owns the local plumbing store says it ripped the top right off of his store. His mom was supposed to be inside.

She could have been hurt or killed but fortune smiled on her and God watched out for her. She happened to be down the street getting some work done on her car.

What did the man tell me? He says, “God has a plan. God has a plan for everything that happens in the world and God had a plan in this case as well.”

God bless Americans who think that way.

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