Lori Chavez-DeRemer: I’m not running for governor in 2018

By Lori Chavez-DeRemer

Oregon needs and deserves great leadership. As Mayor of Happy Valley, I’ve experienced those challenges firsthand. It was my deep desire to provide a positive voice and have an impact on the future of Oregon that lead me to run for state representative last year. And, I have spent most of this year exploring the opportunity to run for Governor of this great State.

My team and serious supporters worked with me closely to evaluate this decision strategically and wisely for both my future and the future of Oregon.

I have concluded, along with my team, that I will not be seeking the Republican nomination for Governor in 2018. I do not, however, rule out a future run.

My family and closest friends, citizens of Happy Valley, and many others were very supportive and excited and are still encouraging me to take the path of a gubernatorial run. But without all the parts to run a successful campaign and win, we will not risk the money or waste the momentum.

I love this State. And, it still needs great leaders. I’m not going anywhere. I will continue to be active in Oregon politics. I will be re-launching a new website and will share my vision for Oregon. For the 2018 elections, I will be looking to support candidates that are committed to finding answers to the top challenges facing all of us.

I am the Mayor of the greatest city in Oregon and I love to serve the people right here at home. I will continue to invest 100% of my energy in the good work that Happy Valley still has to accomplish to reach its fullest potential. Thank you for your continued support.