You Kicker Refund now $729…Tax cuts vindicated!

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

1. The average Kicker Tax Refund just jumped to $729 due to a booming economy.
2. This is vindication that the national 2017 tax cuts has given us one of the best economies on record and it is showering Oregon with prosperity.
3. That tax cut gave Oregonians $840 more money in their pocket — and now it has benefited the Oregon economy so much that the same Oregonian will be getting a $729 Kicker Tax Refund.
4. Oregon is not alone, 41 states have hit record revenue according to PEW research.

Oregon just announced that surging tax revenue has resulted in the state over-collecting $1.6 billion in extra, above fore-casted revenue. The flush of tax revenue is because of business booming, record employment and wage increases.

This was the third largest kicker tax refund rebate on record by proportion. The state’s economist, Josh Lehner, noted,“As was the case with the large kicker generated during the mid-1980’s, changes in federal tax policy played a large role in generating above-trend state collections last biennium.” Simply put, the Reagan tax cuts created a booming Kicker in the 1980s just like the Trump/Paul Ryan tax cuts of 2017 did. This is proof positive that tax cuts work for both taxpayers and government services. It is a win-win scenario.

Sadly, the State Legislature is jeopardized this good economy by spending everything that comes in with record-level spending and then ADDING $5 billion in new biannual taxes ($2.6 billion business tax HB 3427, $668 million Hospital tax HB 2010, $1.9 billion Family Leave Tax HB 2005, and $18 million in higher liquor taxes SB 248).

It doesn’t matter than Oregon state government spends more tax dollars per-capita than 46 other states. Gov. Brown is spending everything that comes in and then adding billions in higher taxes. If it was not for the voter-approved Kicker Tax Refund law, the politicians would have both raised taxes and spent the over-collected taxes, causing state spending to surge even higher, making it more impossible to balance the budget during normal times.

In fact, by raising $5 billion in new taxes when the economy is at record highs (and you already spend more per capita than 46 other states) you end up driving the state closer to unsustainable levels and therefore bankruptcy once the economy cools down.

— We have stopped politicians from stealing your kicker refund for 20 years.
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– Our lobbyist testified in 2019 in the State Capitol against taking your Kicker

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