Tuesday might see Senate walkout (Carbon Tax)

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


Both a Republican Senate walk-out and an inter-party Democrat battle may erupt as early as Tuesday.

SB 1530 the Carbon Tax (72-cent gas tax, also known as Carbon Cap-and-trade) is up for a committee vote on Monday which sets a timetable for a possible Tuesday larger vote. Last year the Senate Republicans made national news for walking out in protest over the Carbon Tax — not just because it was one of the most controversial pieces of legislation on the planet (Australia’s repealed their Carbon Tax, French voters rioted in flames in the streets) but because the Carbon tax (72-cent gas tax, 13% utility bill increase) contains a fake emergency clause blocking voters from voting on it with a referendum petition.   That’s right — blocking a public vote.

Rumor among lobbyist in the Capitol point to Tuesday as a likely day a vote could be held and a possible protest walk-out vote could happen. Last week, the House Republican lawmakers staged an evening walk-out over the Carbon Tax in protest that the tax was moving to quickly as they were being asked to vote on a bill with a surprise 177-page amendment with not enough time to read it or study it.

The Carbon tax sits on the committee overseen by Oregon State Senator Democrat Betsy Johnson who has come out against the bill. This may align her with voters but it sets herself up against her own Senate President Peter Courtney. The Senate President may have to remove her from committee to move the bill. This alone may cause fireworks or chaos or the great unknown.

The schedule, the lawmakers positions and the outcome are all flexible and could change any moment which makes the whole debate very unpredictable.

It also means there is time to kill this nefarious Carbon Tax Bill by calling your lawmaker toll-free on Monday 1-800-332-2313


Taxpayer Association supporters protesting on the first day of session:

Here is how you can help defeat the Oregon Carbon Tax:

Calling your lawmaker toll-free on Monday 1-800-332-2313

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