Senator Boles: Our only ask ‘Let the people decide’

State Senator Denyc Boles Release,

Senator Denyc Boles Statement on 2020 Session Abrupt Ending

Senator Denyc Boles (R-Salem) issued the following statement after the abrupt ending of the 2020 short session:

“The short session of 2020 will be remembered as the year the Oregon Democrats bullied their way through session and ultimately gaveled out without prioritizing the work of the people. As a freshman Senator, I was excited to wake up and go to work to pass critical budget bills and other short session priorities that benefited all of Oregon. “Unfortunately, the Oregon Democrats chose to use the session to play politics by prioritizing a carbon tax over homelessness, and their will over goodwill. The disregard for Oregon’s working families, their values, and their ways of life was striking, as was the inability of leadership to see beyond themselves to foster a path forward and fund critical needs.”

“My Republican colleagues and I were willing to return to the Capitol on March 8 to pass the legislation the short session was intended for. Our only ask was to refer cap and trade to the people.”