METRO to tax Red Cross, Salvation Army after wildfire help

Taxpayers Association of Oregon

After life-saving organizations, Red Cross, Elks and Salvation Army helped rescue and provide needs for victims of Oregon wildfires, they now must brace for another disaster — Measure 26-218.  Metro has placed a massive billion dollar tax on the ballot, Measure 26-281, that is a wage tax that will tax churches and charities that have employees in the Metro area.

This METRO wage tax hits all businesses and organizations of certain employee sizes.   The money from taxing Oregon small businesses and charities like Red Cross, Elks and Salvation Army will be going to build a light rail to a luxury shopping mall called Bridgeport Village.

Here is the Salvation Army emergency station in Clackamas during the wildfires this summer.   Their efforts will be taxed through METRO’s wage tax if passed by voters.

Here is the Elks food drive in Milwaukie for wildfire victims.   This organization would also be taxed under Measure 26-218.

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