$145,000 tax dollars to Portland rioters food fund

Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Victoria Taft at PJ Media broke the story that $145,000 of COVID-19 relief funds went to Portland SNACK BLOC which provides resources to rioters during a riot.

The Willamette Week describes them, “Snack Bloc has been at seemingly every protest, march and vigil around the city over the past three months, providing snacks, water and supplies to protesters…”

For instance, they helped promote and provide resources for the 100th night protest which was an attempt to over-run the local Portland East Precinct neighborhood police station (which rioters had come close to setting it afire).  Rioters threw Molotov cocktails at police within minutes of starting the march. When police pushed back, rioters immediately began dragging things out from local businesses parking lots to start a massive street fire to block police and traffic.  Everything about this event was not about peaceful protesting but about illegal criminal acts that put people’s lives in danger. I know, I was there observing that night.  I saw with my own eyes businesses being vandalized and people brought to panic tears because they drove down the wrong road and found themselves trapped in the riot.  This is the sort of extreme violent activity that Snack Bloc promotes and supports by handing out snacks and supplies.

Here is a photo we took that night.

At these riots there are numerous snack wagons full of candy bars and water.  Often there are dozens of boxes of free pizza.

Here is the grant.

They do other charitable work in the community involving food and resources which we assume consume most of the funds, but supporting rioters in a riot zone where police make riot alerts (please leave area immediately) for hours as people vandalize, overtake streets, set fires and threaten police, is only contributing to the public chaos and violence.

Our taxpayer dollars should not be going to activities that support rioting, violence.

There’s more to the story, please read Victoria Taft’s article here.

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