10 great Oregon political moments in 2020

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon



Here are ten things we did for you in 2020…


#1. We campaigned against the 72-cent gas tax (Carbon tax)


#2.  We campaigned against the $5 billion Metro wage tax and helped the coalition to defeat it.


#3. We were in the media spotlight protecting your taxes.



#4. When the Portland rioters toppled the George Washington statue we held a pro-Washington rally.  We raised $5,000 for statue repair.


#5. When the Portland protesters rioted for over 140 days we did on-scene reporting and never before seen photos helping to document horrors that were not covered in the media. (see riot series here)


#6. We also created graphics and images to help people understand the Portland riots, like this arson map seen by a quarter million people.


#7. We sent out 2,000 medical masks to people in need back in April when many seniors and at-risk health people who were afraid to leave their house without one.


#8. We created the best Oregon political cartoons (2020 collection here)


#9. We scored a half million Facebook Likes for our articles and friends in 2020


#10. We documented 9 times when Governor Brown abused her power over COVID-19 rules.

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