Taxpayer Association: Our best political cartoons of 2020

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


Here are our best cartoons and graphics we made in 2020:


Scientist carbon date Defazio’s decaying congressional tenure


Gov. Brown: Big wildfire excuses, small on funding


10 times Gov. Brown, Wheeler met protestor demands


Gov. Brown keeps abusing emergencies to pass taxes, bad laws


Gov. Brown’s secret Special Session: Bills hidden from public


George Orwell forecasted this moment


9 ways Gov. Brown acted secretly over COVID-19


Gov. Brown pressed to release 2,000 inmates to protect public health


Portland Mayor’s unusual peace plea to rioters


Trump Tweetshow disrupts Portland Mayor’s live press conference


How is that Portland pardon of violent criminals working out?


WOW! Oregonians approve over 70 higher taxes in 2020


Portland Small Business: 3 new taxes in 2020


Cell phone tax passes in record speed under cover of darkness

Trouble sleeping? Could be the Oregon Mattress Tax


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