DC officer dies. Why rioters need long prison time.

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon


According to CBS News, officer Brian D. Sicknick was hit in the head during the riot at the U.S. Capitol this week and died form those injuries last night.

This is more self-evident reasons on why rioting is so dangerous and why we hope for long prison times for all who engage in such violence.

We also urge long prison time for Portland rioters.  Yet, they will not only not get a long prison term, many will get no prison time at all as nearly 90% of riot charges have been dropped by the Multnomah District Attorney Mike Schmidt.   Eighteen of Portland rioters have been arrested three times or more.

We honor the service of Brian D. Sicknick and we give our highest respects to law enforcement as they endure this terrible era of public rioting.

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