Portland protesters attack police, businesses during snow storm

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As the snow storm began on Friday, roughly 30-40 anarchist protesters took to the streets to vandalize and harass Portland Police officers. They destroyed business windows and threw objjects at Police.

Protesters attacked a medical shop and a coffee businesss.

The confrontation resulted in Police not being able to respond to emergency calls around the City.

Here is the official Police report,

“…the group began throwing objects and yelling at officers. There were police vehicles parked outside the precinct. As officers went out to move their cars in an effort to prevent them from being damaged, the officers were pelted with icy snowballs by participants.In an effort to avoid confrontation and de-escalate the situation, and due to lack of available resources, officers remained out of sight as much as possible. However, officers were forced to monitor in case the group became more violent or caused damage to city property. While officers were occupied with that, there were calls stacking up in the precinct, including numerous calls for welfare checks on houseless community members who were exposed to the frigid weather. Among other duties, officers were facilitating getting those individuals to warming shelters if they wished.”

Andy Ngo reports that Seattle Police were also attacked


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