The week progressives began attacking each other

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

From Friday April 16th until Friday April 23rd, saw a lot of in-fighting among Oregon’s liberal protesters and liberal supporting organizations and leaders.

It began with the anarchists:

— Anarchists vandalized the First Christ Church despite two “Black Lives Matter” signs.



— Anarchist started a massive fire in front of the Apple store building. The photo shows the mural rioters tore down which says “Apple stands with you in the fight for racial and social justice. Black Lives Matter”.


— Anarchists attacked a NIKE flagship store despite NIKE’s meeting with Portland protest leaders, pledging $40 million in grants to the cause and elevating the extremely controversial Colin Kaepernick as one of their top branded stars.


— Anarchists vandalized a small business progressive clothing store that promoted “Clothing for positive change”, “Fair trade”, “Social responsibility”, “animal welfare” and “climate action”


— Anarchists vandalized an immigrant owned Moroccan restaurant.


Anarchists attacked the Oregon Historical Society with window bashing for the second time despite the Society’s building-size murals promoting their Woman’s Suffrage exhibit and their recently launched special edition magazine devoted to the history of Oregon’s racial past and the resistance movement against it.

Last Friday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler declared a state of emergency and said, “There are people who will not join me at news conferences like this one because they are afraid that the self-described anarchist mob will show up at their house or business. Many courageous BLM leaders have already stepped forward to denounce these self-described anarchist.”  Some of Wheeler’s press conference proposals drew protest from members in the Black community the very next day.    Now it seems everyone is fighting each other on both what is the problem and what is the solution.

As observed above, Portland protesters have been destroying everything no matter how many signs or murals one puts up dedicated to social justice.  It is nearly one year since the rioting began and during most of that time Portland’s liberal leaders have excused their behavior because doing the wrong thing for the right cause in their mind was indeed allowed as moral justification.   The end result was that it emboldened the violent protesters and now the City cannot stop them with their lofty liberal announcements nor with their de-funded (-$12M) police force.   In just one week, our photos show how the City’s turning a blind eye has now come to impact them.

Portland needs to restore police funding, rehire the 100 lost positions and begin arresting the rioters after the DA already dropped 600 charges.


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