Oregon is only state forcing businesses, churches to be vaccine cops

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon is being hailed as the first state to require businesses and churches to play vaccine cop.   This new rule was recently explained in The Oregonian

“On Friday, Dean Sidelinger, the state epidemiologist, said Oregon businesses that choose to offer mask-free shopping for those fully vaccinated will likely be required to inspect each customer’s vaccination card and check the dates of individual shots. Beyond safety considerations, that may be the most fraught issue for businesses — that they’ll be asked to become the vaccination police.”


Small business owners are fuming as they have no capacity, no authority nor right to inspect people’s health documents. It can be explosive with customers.

It is also not working.  Because most of the county is going mask-free, you have national chains like WalMart and Costco going maskless.   A supporter phoned in to report that he only found one person in a Costco who wore a mask. That came from a High Risk Clatsop county.

KGW-TV Reports on churches having problems,

“Larud is Dean of the cathedral. He says they’re up to 150 people inside, and following church guidance on vaccine checks.“We’re under pretty clear instructions from our Bishop that we will never police vaccination statuses, and so we don’t police anything right;”

Governor Brown’s re-opening has been a gigantic mess.

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