Liberals to recall Portland Mayor for being too conservative on police, riots???

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

A liberal political activist, Audrey Caines, has announced plans for a July launch of a City recall of Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler who just won re-election last November.

It is interesting that the recall comes not for letting the Portland riots (the nation’s most pervasive) spiral out of control but rather being too hard on rioters by police. The Total Recall Portland website states, “Portland’s elected officials have stood in the way of racial and economic justice for too long, colluded against the Black Lives Matter movement, violated campaign finance regulations, and made false promises to support reforming our out-of-control police department.”

Our office chronicled 10 ways Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Brown gave in to rioters demand, and now that apparently is not enough by progressives who want him out and a more liberal mayor in.

The recall website also criticizes that businesses have made donations to Wheeler’s campaign.

Audrey Caines, is known for environmental causes such as trying to ban natural gas pipelines and transporting oil by train.

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