Near dead last in re-opening, Brown says June 30th

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

After having failed to meet statewide benchmarks to re-open this week, Oregon Governor Kate Brown changed her mind and decided to announce that Oregon will re-open by June 30th.

This comes as the New York Times puts Oregon in the last three states to re-open for THE ENTIRE NATION.

By the way, Oregon was among the last three states to re-open last summer too, one of the last few states to open schools, all despite having one of the nation’s lowest virus rates.

Gov. Brown said in her press conference, “I’m proud of our collective efforts to vaccinate more than 2.3 million Oregonians.  It is because of this success that we can move Oregon forward.”  There is something odd about being near dead last to cross the finish line and congratulating yourself for your “efforts”.

Let it be noted that Governor is re-opening Oregon after the Oregon legislature was supposed to close no later than June 28th.  So no citizen, even vaccinated, will be able to see a single day in their State Capitol while their lawmakers are passing laws — which during the end of June the lawmakers fast-track all laws and bills are passed at record speed.  The ugliest and most democratic part of the Legislature will end without any public watching.

As Oregon small businesses crawl across the finish line to re-opening, a burden greater than 47 other states, Governor Brown will likely be signing her bill SB 139A which raises $50 million in new taxes on small businesses.  Thanks Brown.


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