Brown failed to fix her own unemployment predictions

By Lars Larson,

NW and national radio host

You really can’t make this stuff up.

The dumpster fire that is the Oregon Employment division has failed for a year and a half and it admits the failures will continue the rest of THIS year.

And you’re gonna love this punchline…the idiots in charge of finding workers for employers and jobs for the unemployed…The Employment division can’t figure out how to hire enough people to do ITS job.

Last year, these fools denied unemployment payments to literally hundreds of thousands of laid-off workers.

Because of a failed computer system that had been identified as a failure ten years earlier? Kate Brown…then-Secretary of State predicted 2020’s failure years ahead of time. The U.S. Congress set aside the better part of 100 million dollars to fix it…still sitting unspent.

More than six years ago, Late Kate Brown had the money to order the computers fixed to avoid the disaster she herself predicted.

Dozens of citizens have told me on my talk show about spending DAYS on the phone waiting.

Kate’s agency promised to fix it by June. Now, they promise to fix it by Christmas.

And why should Kate care? She’s a lame duck. Can’t run again. Can’t be removed.

And she has a golden PERS pension check waiting for her that makes your paycheck look like a joke.