Senators blast Gov. Brown’s new statewide mandates

By Oregon Senate Republican Office,

SALEM, Ore. – Just weeks after giving Oregonians their freedom back, Governor Brown has been on a tear issuing new mandate after new mandate.

Senate Republican Leader Fred Girod (R-Lyons) issued the following statement about the Governor’s most recent mask and vaccine mandates:

“The Governor has a serious credibility problem. She obviously has no clear standards for any decision she makes. Instead, these mandates seem to be driven by left-wing activists who want a permanent pandemic to push forward unpopular policies. When asked in her press conference about when she would drop the mask mandate, she totally evaded the question.

“Forcing vaccinations on anybody is a total violation of Oregonians’ individual rights. It won’t lead to a large uptick in vaccination, but instead segregate society by medical status.

“If the state wants to mandate vaccines for Oregonians, the state must take legal and financial liability. Right now, no one – not the insurers, not the drug companies, not the government, no one – takes responsibility when things go wrong when someone receives a vaccine. We know that in rare circumstances, blood clots and other conditions result from the COVID-19 vaccine. If Democrats want to mandate vaccines, they must take financial responsibility and liability for the consequences.”