Gov. Brown breaks 3 month media silence on gas prices, gas tax. Expect no help.

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

As several states began suspending or planning to suspend their gas taxes, in light of record breaking gas prices, KATU-2 news asked Governor Brown her opinion back in March.   Now that it is June, Governor Brown has responded by saying she will not work to suspend the gas tax — which is  the 12th highest gas tax in the nation.

Our high gas tax and unique environmental regulations impacting gas costs has allowed Oregon to have gas prices in the top 5 in the nation.


Governor Brown made the case that Oregonians don’t need gas tax relief because government is sending out lots of free checks.  Her words “We are continuing to make targeted investments to help the families who need it the most. In February, we were able to move forward on a $400 million housing investment, a $100 million investment in child care, and $200 million in Future Ready Oregon to literally power the future workforce, and these are investments in our historically underserved communities and low-income families that need it now. We just sent out checks to 260,000 who are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit through the work that the legislature did in February. Those checks will be going out soon. That’s dollars in their pockets that they can put toward gasoline, toward food childcare. Whatever they want,”


The convenient thing for politicians is that when they make Oregon in the top ten tax-and-spend states in America (per-capita) is that you get to look popular and virtuous when you give a portion of it back to an over-taxed people.    Oregon has been rated in the top ten states for taxes, spending and red tape.   It has made our lives miserable and one reason why our population is growth is slowing and why families with children are leaving the high tax, high cost, high regulation areas of Portland.


If Governor Brown really cared she wouldn’t wait THREE MONTHS to respond to media calls on the #1 issue facing Oregonians with the economy.


If Governor Brown really cared….


– Our pandemic jobless benefits would have arrived on time (last in nation)
– Renter relief checks would have arrived on time (extended delays)
– DMV offices would have been opened on time (system crash)
– Vaccines would have delivered on time (Nation’s 3rd slowest at onset)
– Farmers drought relief would have arrived on time
– Our schools would have re-opened on time (among the last to re-open, unmask schools)

What taxpayers want is a less taxing government that does its job on time.

What Oregon government delivers is one of the single most expensive governments in the nation that does not deliver on time, but loves to send out occasional one-time checks (to a targeted audience) to win your favor.

When Oregon raises gas taxes (as it did this year) it raises the cost of goods and the cost of living for everyone.

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