Liberal Newberg school board members resign after big political loss

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

After a year of vicious fighting that has made national news, the remaining two liberal members of the Newberg School Board have resigned.   While local parents have been pushing to remove politics from the classroom a group of extreme, uncompromising liberal activists have been pushing for MORE politics in the classroom with it escalating with two school staff reportedly flipping off parents in a politically charged and defiant TikTok video.

Parents have been frustrated over declining test scores in the district.  Declining test scores contributed to the School Superintendent being lawfully fired by the voter-elected School Board.  This became a flash point.  Liberal activist launched a recall of the two conservative School Board Members who supported the superintendent firing.  The recall was mostly funded by government unions and out-of-state Hollywood industry contributors.

The recall campaign contained an unusual amount of vandalism directed at the conservative side.  Here is a photo of a pro-recall activist tearing down large anti-recall signs.



The costly recall was a failure as parents and voters rejected the call to oust their School Board members who were doing their job by firing a School Superintendent who was failing the district goals.

One of the exiting liberal school board members said the current Board (and their focus on boosting test scores over politics) was “destroying not only public education but our community” as a reason for her departure.

KOIN-TV 6 has more

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