Open threats to kill Oregon pro-life lawmakers

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Lawmakers and law enforcement should take this threat seriously.


Immediately following a 1,000 person protest rally in Portland, several death threats to “kill lawmakers” were scrawled.   One was left on a building (photo left) and another one scrawled on a public park building (right).


There were also messages to “Kill the Supreme Court” and “Kill Trump”.


On a Portland City Government Building another threat to politicians was left:



This Portland threat (outside Hatfield Federal Courthouse) to pro-life people, is the same used across the country in various arson and vandalism attacks on pregnancy centers and Pro-life offices.  Over 22 such attacks occurred in the past 40 days (total does not includes ones from this weekend).



Murder messages were left everywhere.

• There were “Kill all cops”.

• There were “Kill SCOTUS” (Supreme Court Of the United States) just days after man tried to assassinate Justice Bret Kavanaugh outside his home.

• There were threats to journalist Andy Ngo who was forced to leave the country years ago due to dozens of death threats to him and his family.

• Threats to “Kill Kyle” (Rittenhouse) — who also has to have security due to death threats against him.



Oregon must take these threats seriously.


Look what has happened in the past 30 days alone in Oregon:


The fact that this weekend 75 people in Eugene showed up to riot and attack a medical facility is disturbing.   So hostile the crowd was, that Eugene had to call for back-up from neighboring City of Springfield.  Several police officers were injured that night.   If rioters were willing to injure police officers in public, how much more of a danger they may be to elected officials and judges.

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If you witness political vandalism in your neighborhood please contact the Taxpayers Association of Oregon.

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