Antifa camp teaches kids: Abolish cops, tear gas training

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The NY Post is reporting that a far-left Portland volunteer organization, called Budding Roses, is offering “a free, radical social justice camp”.  They have lessons on abolishing police and how to endure being tear gassed.   On tear gas the program reads ““Learn about what tear gas is, how it was used in Portland, and ways to keep yourself safe if you get tear gassed.”

A previous 2020 session teaches on ““What does a world without police look like?”

Their Facebook page was taken down.

Victoria Taft of PJ Media reports, “The fourth through eighth-graders who are invited to the camp are given handbooks of chants to scream at protests, encouraged to start their own protests, shown art techniques on how to tag buildings, and told where all the top riot spots are in the city.”

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