At 100% vote score, Taxpayers Association endorses Drazan

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon looked at the taxpayer votes of the Oregon governor candidates and found that candidate Christine Drazan was the only candidate to score 100% “A” rating across three Legislative Sessions.

Christine Drazan voted AGAINST all the major tax increases like Oregon’s largest tax increase in it’s history the Corporate Activities Tax, the Cell Phone Tax, the 72-cent gas tax (known as Carbon Tax) and voted against two different bills to steal part of the people’s Kicker Income Tax Refund.  Christine Drazan also voted against major milestone big government laws like reducing diploma graduation standards for students (SB 744).

Christine Drazan has always had an open door to helping us at the Taxpayers Association of Oregon, which is why she has earned the endorsement from us and other liberty defending organizations such as NFIB, TimberUnity and Lars Larson.

The fact that Christine Drazan, for most of the year, has out-funded Tina Kotek and also has been within the polling margin of victory makes this an even more timely choice.

The national forecasting firm, The Cook Report, said that Oregon’s Governor’s race was the most surprising governor’s race in the nation.   This is how impressive Christine Drazan has been.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon urges voters to enthusiastically support Christine Drazan for Governor.


• Top forecaster upgrades Governor race to toss-up



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