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By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

I hope you like what we do…

Made you smarter.  TAO published over 300 articles this year alone on this website.

Stood for you where others didn’t.   TAO was the only organization to oppose a dozen different local ballot measures (gas tax, hotel tax, property tax) on the ballot.

Made you laugh.  TAO’s dozens of Kate Brown, Tina Kotek & Ted Wheeler political cartoons/memes made you laugh, made a great point and made it a viral sensation online.

Told you news you couldn’t find anywhere else.  TAO provided original reporting from the 2022 Portland riots and even the 1,000 person Socialist rally.

Now we want to take what you experienced and share it with others.

Every new person we reach we help educate them, empower them, enlighten them… and make them laugh too.

Please consider making a donation so we can empower others.

WHERE WE NEED IT THE MOST.   Donations made out to to Taxpayers Association of Oregon help our efforts at lobbying in the State Capital and grassroots activism against local taxes, local ballot measures.  (No deductions on these donations).

FREE TAX CREDIT OPTION.  Donations made out to Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC help elect tax cutting candidates and defeat tax-raising candidates.  Donations qualify for the Oregon Political tax Credit where for up to $50 per person ($100 per couple) you can get 100% of your donation back on your taxes when you claim the credit. Some higher-income limits apply.   You must donate before midnight Dec 31st 2022 to qualify for this year.

CHARITABLE DONATION.  Donations made out to Taxpayers Association of Oregon Foundation help our investigations into government waste/spending and also broadcasting around the state.  These donations qualify for a charitable tax deduction.  Donations of stock can be made as well.

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