Lawmaker rolls out 31% income tax increase!

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Last November, the State Economist warned lawmakers in a hearing that Oregon was heading into a recession which could bring huge budget losses.

Oregon State Representative Khahn Pham has introduced HB 2673 which would soak taxpayers and potentially bring in billions more in new government tax revenue in order to keep State Government funding at its current 12-year of record of non-stop breaking revenue.

This income tax increase would hit higher income earners.

For those making $125,000 their taxes would increase 11% —  from 9.9% to 11%

For those making $500,000 their taxes would increase  31% — from 9.9% to 13%

Right now, Oregon has the 4th highest top tax rate in America at 9.9% according to TurboTax (1/13/23)

1. California – 13.3%
2. Hawaii – 11%
3. New Jersey – 10.7%
4. Oregon – 9.9%

Those taxes do not include local income taxes like Portland and Metro-area taxes.

Under Rep. Khanh Pham’s bill, Oregon would go from 4th highest to 2nd highest in America.

Already Oregon state government is in the top 5 biggest spending states per-person (per-capita) in the nation.


Here are some things that Oregon State & Local Government current spends your tax dollars on…

• $500 in cash loaded debit cards given indiscriminately to the homeless in Multnomah County

ŸŸ• $200 million wasted studying a bridge that was never built

• $7.8 million in debit cards (federal Covid relief) given to people who didn’t qualify.

• Handing out 21,000 brand new very expensive tents to homeless people

• $1.1 million in Covid relief funds given to a political lobby organization (a lobby that the author of the 31% income tax increase,  Rep. Khanh Pham, is associated with).

Ÿ• $1.4 million in tax dollars for politicians’ own sexual harassment settlement payouts.

Ÿ• $280 million in Medicaid checks accidentally sent to 50,000 people who did not qualify.

Ÿ• $100 million over-spent building on a roof at the Portland airport using airline taxes/fees.

Ÿ• $26 million to enroll mostly non-existent students in near-empty classrooms during Covid.

Ÿ• $1.3 million in economic development funds to bail out marijuana shops as pot shops are failing because there are too many.

Ÿ• $24 billion government pension (PERS) debt.  This irresponsible and gigantic debt is bleeding cash out of state and local governments and causing cuts in critical services.


NW Homeless woman speaks the bold truth on homelessness and how government is making it worse.  Eight million people have heard her story.


Look how Oregon has been soaking small businesses in Oregon


Oregon doesn’t need a tax increase.


Oregon needs politicians to cut government waste and live within their budget just like other Oregonians.


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